Thursday, August 26, 2010

PMC Alma Mater

Becky Warda was kind enough to share these from her archive:

Here are various iterations of the Alma Mater thanks to Becky Warda.

1933-from The Sabre & Sash
Thy loyal sons, old P.M.C.
     We raise to the our song.
O Alma Mater, fair and free!
     O Mother, kind and strong!

When first we came -- each one a youth,
     With youthful dreams -- to thee,
Thou ledst us in the paths of truth,
     And light and loyalty.
To work, to strive, to fighter -- we vow
     These boons we knew not then;
We came to the as boys, and thou
     Didst mold us into me.
And so we now all praise they name
     And laud thy works and ways.
O may our lives help swell they fame
     Until the end of days!

1949 words & music by Rukard Hurd '78

Now let our voices raise
To Alma Maters praise,
Give a rousing three times three,
Dear old PMC
In the front ranks of life's story
Are thy sons, and to thy glory
All they have bravely fought
As thou has taught.
Hail to thee! Grand honors be,
Salute and peal artillery,
Proud are we,
Thy sons of thee,
Alma Mater PMC.

Adopted 1952-Words by H. Nearing Jr., Music by Charles A. Bartlett III

Beneath the dome of PMC
The men in gray march by
The banners of our loyalty
Held ever bright and high
When weary years have called us forth
On home or foreign sod;
The truth you taught shall hold us fast
To country and to God.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
ever shall there be,
One corner of our hearts we keep,
In loyal pledge to thee.

And also a Fight song from the 1920s sung to The Caisson Song ("Over hill, over dale...)

Through the line, around the end, and a line that never bends
As the Gray team goes plunging along
In and out, not a doubt as to what it's all about
As the Gray line goes plunging along.

Then it's Hi, Hi Hee, fight for PMC
Shout out your signals loud and strong
       FIGHT     FIGHT
Where 'ere you go, you will always know
That the Gray team is winning again. (Keep them winning)
That the Gray team is winning again. (FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT)

Through the dust through the fight
Formation left --- formation right
As the Gray team goes plunging along
To the front, never rear and we give a lusty cheer
For the Gray team is winning once more

(At finish of song---Yah Team!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Good news

 "This book has been nominated for the 2010 Tom Watson Brown Book Award through The Society of Civil War Historians."